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If this solution doesnt work, you could try reinstalling the browser completely or resetting it to its default settings. Here, you will find plenty of information that will help you detect errors in the software. Die ersten 100 Millionen habeder Browser im Oktober 2005 erreicht, die nächsten im Juli 2006. The Microsoft browser lets you choose whether you want to delete your personal settings when resetting. Because this involves communication between the browser and the webserver, and 400 errors are usually caused by problems with the client, the browser is probably responsible for the error. Firefox determined that it uses too many cookies, and didn't connect. Firefox, type in about:support for troubleshooting. If this doesnt work, an error message will be displayed.

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The browser keeps your personal data, like stored passwords and history, but returns everything else to its original state. In principle, headers dont have a size limit, however, the target server may have set a limit. Am Freitag war es soweit: Seit der freie Web-Browser Mozilla Firefox im November 2004 in der ersten finalen Version erschien, ist die beliebte Software über 400 Millionen Mal heruntergeladen worden. Die finale Variante des aufpolierten Web-Browsers wird noch in diesem Jahr erwartet. For security reasons, it is best to delete them all instead of just one. Its because firefox now will only allow so many cookies from one website. Since Internet Explorer also counts cache and cookies as these types of settings, it is recommended to delete these too. Delete all your cookies (if you havent already done so). The best way to test whether your default browser could be the cause of the problem: temporarily switch to another browser.

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Mozilla firefox 400 Was kann ich machen? Etwas über ein Jahr später hat sich diese Zahl nun noch einmal verdoppelt. If the page can be accessed using your test browser, switch back to your original web browser. The http 400 error occurs if the http header is too long.
mozilla firefox 400

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